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1. How much does it cost for me to start reselling?

Its free! Our reselling program is absolutely free for our resellers - its a no risk, 100% profit program. All expenses for reselling are incurred by us! (this does not include your own marketing, of course)

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2. What products can I resell?

You can resell any software listed on the Spytech and Infiltration Systems websites.

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3. How does the reselling program work?

Once you signup for the reselling program through Plimus you will be given an affiliate account. From there you configure what software you want to sell and simply place your custom links on your website. Once this is done you can sit back and wait for sales to come in!

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4. How much do I make per sale?

Initially you will make 40% per sale from your affiliate links. If we notice you are pulling in a good amount of sales we will upgrade your commission to 45-50%. Of course, we will notify you when this happens.

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5. Can I link to your Trial downloads?

Absolutely! You can link to our trials using the affiliate site link in your affiliate account area. Even if a customer purchases the software via the trials buy link that goes through our website you will still get the commission!

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6. Great! Where do I sign up?

Click here to Signup!

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Infiltrator is a powerful network security suite that can scan your entire network for vulnerabilities, exploits, weak links, and audit each computer's individual security.

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