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NetAware is a powerful monitoring tool that can log all network file share activity, manage and lock shares, and restrict users and computers from accessing files on your file shares.

Key Features

Powerful, Easy to use Interface
NetAware's easy to use interface allows you to immediately start monitoring file share activity on your computer - without wasting time trying to 'learn' the software.The interface gives you quick, easy to access to all of its powerful features.

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Powerful Intuitive Interface

File Share Activity Logging
NetAware can log who connects to file shares on your computer, what files they actually open and use, and when they disconnect from the share. Blocked access attempts can also be logged. All log entries are timestamped for easy viewing.

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File Share Logging

User/Computer Blocking
NetAware can block unwanted remote users and computers that may try to access shares on your computer. If a remote user that matches your criteria attempts a connection they are immediately stopped from viewing your shares.

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User and Computer Blocking

Email Alerts and More!
NetAware can send you email alerts when users access shares on your computer. You can also be notified when unwanted users are blocked! NetAware also has built in share management, share locking and unlocking, the ability to disconnect remote users, and much more!

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Email Alerts and much more!

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