NetAware's Benefits

Log and Monitor all File Share Activities

Ever wonder who accesses your file shares and what files they use? NetAware logs and tracks all connections, disconnections, and files opened by users using your file shares. Whether if you are a network administrator tracking network wide file share usage, or a home user wanting to make sure hackers stay out of your shares, NetAware will provide the logging and reporting you need to keep track of what is going on.

Stop Remote Intruders from Accessing your Computer

NetAware allows you to keep unwanted users and intruders from accessing shares on your computer with its built in user blocking feature. NetAware can block any user or computer based on a list of computer and user names you add to the filtering list. Now you do not have to worry about unwanted users accessing shares without making it more difficult for legitimate users to access your computer.

Conveniently Manage File Shares and Access

NetAware has a built in share manager that allows you to easily edit, delete, and add file shares to your computer. NetAware's share manager allows you to specify how many users can access your shares at any given time. Another useful feature is NetAware's share locking and unlocking. NetAware can lock any share from user access until you unlock it. NetAware can also lock all shares at any given time to create a totally secure, access-free environment.

Be Alerted when Intruders try Getting into your Computer

NetAware can be configured to email you when users connect to your file shares, when they disconnect, or even when a blocked intruder tries accessing shares on your computer. This feature allows you to always be on top of who is accessing your computer - even when you are at a remote location. NetAware can also display local popups to alert you when users are accessing your computer.

Runs Silently and Efficiently

NetAware runs silently in the background, using no noticeable CPU usage while you work. NetAware can be set to run on Windows startup automatically so file share activity is always being tracked. NetAware's monitoring processes will not interfere with your everyday computer usage.
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