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Infiltrator is powered by an extremely easy to use interface allowing quick access to all of its powerful and unique features. Read on to view Infiltrator's exciting features.

Information Gathering and Scanning

Infiltrator uses the very same scanning techniques that hackers and intruders would use to infiltrate your network and computers. In this fashion, you can see 'what a hacker sees' before they have a chance by scanning each computer on your network one IP at a time. Infiltrator scans target computers and attempts to enumerate as much information as possible. Infiltrator allows you to enter IP addresses, computer names, domains, website hosts, and IP ranges for easy scanning. Information that is enumerated includes, but is not limited to:

NetBios and SNMP Tables
Ping Information
Web Server Information
Registry Startup Keys
Installed Software and Hotfixes
File and Printer Shares

Password Policies
Users and Groups
Jobs and Sessions
Local Security Authority
Computer System Information
Open TCP and UDP Ports

Infiltrator in Action - Screenshots:
 Infiltrator Scan Results
 Scanning Configurations
 Scanning Wizard
 Open Ports
 Shares Manager
 Scan Favorites
 Scan History Viewer
 Multiple Scanning Types

Security Auditing and Analysis

Infiltrator can audit each scanned computer and alert you of the following events using its own updatable, built-in auditing database:

Insecure Registry Settings
Possible Trojan and Worm Infections
Suspicious Open Ports
Exploitable Services Running
Exploitable CGI and Scripts Installed
Improper User Account Configurations
Insecure Password Policies

Infiltrator in Action - Screenshots:
 Auditing Results/Analysis
 Alerts Manager
 Auditing Configurations

Generate Sleek Scan Reports

Infiltrator can generate brief or complete reports based on your scan results. Brief reports allow for scan results of one target, while complete results can encompass an entire network's scan results into one organized, easy to present and follow report. Complete reports include descriptions and analysis of all results and conclude with evaluations of each computer's security levels. Reports are fully customizable (via html templates) and are easily presented in web or print format.

Infiltrator in Action - Screenshots:
 View a Sample Report
 Report Generator
 Report Generator Step 2
 Report Configurations
 Report Template Editor

Many Useful Network Utilities

Infiltrator comes with many built in network utilities, creating a robust suite of networking solutions suitable for any users. Utilities included:

Footprinting Tools
WhoIs Client
Raw HTML Viewer

Scanning Tools
Port Scanner
Ping Sweep

Enumeration Tools
Shares Scanner
Users Scanner
Network Enumerator
SNMP Enumerator

EMail Tools
SMTP Client
EXPN and VRFY Checkers
Email Tracer

Gaining Access Tools
Share Brute Force Cracker
SNMP Brute Force Cracker
FTP Brute Force Cracker
Password Revealer

Infiltrator in Action - Screenshots:
 Whois Client
 Network Enumerator
 Email Tracer
 Ping Sweep
 Share Brute Force Cracker

User-Friendly, Intuitive Interface

Infiltrator boasts a user interface unmatched by any other network security software. Infiltrator's easy to use, intuitive interface allows you to get started immediately with no having to 'learn the software'. Here are some key features of Infiltrator's powerful interface:

Intuitive Navigation and Action Icons
Easy Access Menu System
Powerful Wizards for Getting Started
Updatable Alerts Database
Multiple Ways to Scan Targets (computer name, ip, range, domain)

Infiltrator in Action - Screenshots:
 Infiltrator's Main Interface
 Scanning Wizard
 Report Generator
 View a Sample Report
 Quick Configurations
 Multiple Scanning Types
 Scanning Configurations
 Shares Manager
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